Tuesday, August 30, 2011

There's bats in the belfry!!

Our insulation bats have been installed in the house and it appears that we are now ready for plaster to begin.   Some of our downpipes have also been installed as well.

Most of the items that we agreed should be fixed internally appear to have been done apart from one noggin next to the lounge room window that is still hanging out!!!   An email to the SS should see that fixed before it is plastered over.

I met with the doors/flywire screen place today onsite and have placed the order for all barrier doors and screens to be installed immediately after handover.   Check!!!  Another job out of the way for the time being.

Had a look through LouNeen & Tash's windows and your houses are looking great peeps!!
Anyway here's some pics of the latest.
This Noggin needs fixing!!

Powerpoints for my TV with conduit for all those leads!!

Snug as a bug in a rug!!

Monument down pipes

Friday, August 26, 2011

Independent Inspection Report

I have been having awful problems with Blogger and I have removed this post because I was cutting and pasting and I think its upset the apple cart.

Anyway there were a number of items that came up in the inspection, which will be attended to by Romeo.

The verandah has now been tiled and the downpipes have started to be installed.

Site Supervisor/Construction Manager/Trade meeting

We finally met with Romeo Homes to discuss the issues that were outlined in Kevin's report.

Both the SS, Construction Manager, Plumber, Framer and us were in attendance - we felt slightly outnumbered.

The Construction Manager was very knowledgeable and said that some of Kevin's items were way over the top, but acknowledged that some needed to be fixed, that was why the framer was in attendance and the plumber was there to explain himself for the plumbing queries.

We came away fairly happy that some things needed to be fixed and others had already been fixed, and the ones that weren't fixed, the reasons why seemed reasonable to us.

So its plaster to start next week and we have an approximate time of about 10 weeks to go.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tiles again!!!

After a lovely relaxing weekend visiting friends in Hobart, we arrived back yesterday to the news that our builder has changed tile suppliers, so we have to re-do all our tile selections at National Tiles!!  First bricks, now tiles - am I jinxed?

On a brighter note, our electrical rough-in has been done and the ducted vacuum rough in as well, although they seem to have forgotten about our kicker duct in the laundry - even though its on the specifications.

Another email to Romeo.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fretwork, Finials & Verandah

We were onsite yesterday at 9.00am precisely to meet Kevin from New Home Inspections, our site supervisor Glen was also there so I finally got to meet him.

Well things were hopping at our house, the lock up carpenters were there in full swing and we now have a bath, and the cavity sliders were being installed as well as our verandah.

I am loving the fretwork on our master bedroom gable and the finial (didnt know what that was before we started this whole process, so now I speak building!!).

Kevin spent almost an hour looking around the house and there are quite a few things that need attention, but to our relief nothing that can't be fixed, so we await his report.

Electrical rough in, ducted vaccuum, ducted heating and plaster delivery will happen within the week and plasterers booked for 18th August, so its all happening.

Here's some pics:-

Really starting to get some character now

Loving the fretwork and finial

Our hardworking lock-up carpenters
We have a bath!
Will report on Kevin's findings once I have received it.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brickies have left the building

Our great bricklayers have finished all the brickwork on our house, and what a wonderful job they have done.

We are so happy with the result, here's some pics:-

I am in love with our little brick verandah fence :)

And loving our bullnose brick sills!!!
Down the laundry/toilet/bathroom side
Dining Room/Back of garage

Alfresco and guest bedroom and Megan's room

Tomorrow the lock-up carpenter will be onsite straightening up the frame ready for the ducted vaccuum, ducted heating & electrical rough in.   We will be at lock up probably by the end of next week.

We are meeting our independent building inspector at 9.00 Tuesday morning for our pre-plaster inspection.

Also hope to meet our site supervisor to explain exactly what a dryer pipe is, as they have not allowed for it with the brickwork, even though it is detailed on the specifications!!!   My question will be - how can you charge to do something that you have absolutely no idea what it is????

Deb, may need to bring him around to your house so he can see what a dryer pipe is!!!   

Very happy with progress to date, but not happy that we probably wont be able to get in on weekends after next week :(