Sunday, December 25, 2011

We are in and Merry Christmas

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog, but we have been a little busy over the last week or so.

We officially moved on Tuesday 20th December, and from the day of handover it has been go go go to say the least.

A big thanks to Stu and Andy from 2 Men and a Truck (thanks Reinsey for the reference), who were absolutely fantastic in getting us from Charles Green to Charlbury with everything intact.   Seeing I have Kiwi relatives, it was no surprise to see these two kiwis working like trojeans!!

Finally, the front of the house
Ever since Tuesday we have been unpacking and trying to get things organised.   The curtains/blinds finished up with the last room being installed on Xmas eve (thanks Trevor from Sharon's Curtains), we have had outside blinds installed, all fans/lightfittings now complete, carpet, deadlocks, security doors & flyscreens, new TV's for both of us, and desk for David.   Need to go back to Ikea to get another desk for me as mine from the old house just doesnt suit the study.


Loving the house number plate ordered online!

Not many pictures yet, will update as I get organised more.

Master Bedroom

Today was Christmas Day, and we managed to have a lovely lunch with Ryan & Kris who very kindly helped with some of the food as well.

I would like to wish all my bloggy mates a very happy Festive Season and look forward to seeing all of you a lot more often now that our Avenue family is complete.

Its been a long road from Charles Green to Charlbury, but what pearls of wisdom and lovely friends I have gained along the way.   Looking forward to this new chapter of our life surrounded by great neighbours.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Handover Day

Today was the long awaited day of handover.   Are we excited?  Well, I still find this surreal!!!
We were down at the house at around 10.00 this morning to find the dishwasher already installed and the plumbers putting in the hot water service.   The painter was also there and had done all the required touch up work around the house.

I've already put up the Xmas tree!!
Around 11 the electricians arrived and installed the rangehood and oven and then started the mammoth task of installing all our light fittings, fans etc.   They worked like trojeans, but unfortunately it just got too late for them to get it all done, so alas we are still short of an antenna (David will have withdrawal symptoms), heated towel rail, a fan, and other bits and pieces which we are hoping can be finished either tomorrow or on Monday.
Our ducted vacuum is also installed and we have tried that kicker vent in the kitchen, and its brilliant!!!!

My long awaited gas fireplace is missing the fake logs, so that also won't be finished until next week.
We got our keys around 1.00 today plus a bottle of champagne and glasses from the builder, also a survey to fill out and we were told to be honest.  We are yet to fill out the survey, too busy at the moment.

Tonight we have moved a borrowed mattress down there and David is spending every night there until the big move next week.

I must get some sleep now as I need to be down there bright and early to paint two walls in the Vivid White spare room before I go blind!!

The door is always open for friends and neighbours
Will update you all as we progresss.   Lovely to have Tash as our first visitor today,  we look forward to seeing all our new neighbours over the next few days - all welcome!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Near Map Update

Just for the record, here's our estate as at 17 November 2011

10 days till handover!!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Its All Go!!!!!

We had PCI today and met our SS and Kevin from New Home Inspections onsite at the house.
We both went through the whole house marking every bit of repair work and touch up work that needed doing.

To the untrained eye, the house looks absolutely wonderful, and apart from a bit of paint touch-ups, door adjustments, little bit of plastering patch-up we couldn't see too much wrong.

Kevin did find some things that need fixing including the tiles on the bathroom floor that were quite badly scratched, that we wouldn't have noticed as the floor was still a little dirty.   It was decided that they will re-tile the whole floor as it wasnt worth just replacing odd tiles, so in that one instance we have saved the cost of the inspection, as it would have cost us a lot more to do it ourselves if we had noticed all the scratches after handover!!

There was also scratches on the middle pane of glass on the front window which again we would not have noticed, so that will also be replaced.

Handover is going to be on Friday 16th December with us moving in on Tuesday 20th December, yes, just before Xmas, but that's ok.   It will be such a relief to finally be at our new home.

Now we can finish up all the packing at our current house and can relax until the 16th!!!