Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Title date notifcation.

Today we received a letter from our conveyancer.   This had attached a copy of the engineers report for our stage and also a letter from the developer's conveyancer stating that our land will title in November.    This is a month earlier than we were originally advised so we are very happy people.

This means we can move along with our house selections and plans and hope to start before the end of the year - yay!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Nearmap Image Update

This is the estate as at 16/7/2010 taken from Nearmap.   Isn't it amazing the difference between the previous update in April to now, so many houses on the go!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ka-Ching Ka-Ching goes the cash register

Today we had a meeting with Premier to analyse the specifications of the  house and discuss the little "extras" that we desire.   Over an hour later, I now know the meaning of lintel, finial, what reveals & madison boxes are.

Also discovered the EXTRA  costs of awning windows instead of sliding, the cost to have the original facade including colour bricks around house, bullnose window sill bricks, twin brick piers and brick fence inbetween, the cost of having a small piece of steel lintel over the back garage door is $320, even though we have already paid $370 for the same over the main garage door which is more than twice as wide!!  Picture rails to lounge, hall, family & master.   Can you hear the cash register ringing???  About $5,000 for all this.

We will have to wait to get the EXTRA cost of awning windows at the front including side light windows in the bay to the master (because that is extra!), the cost of having a larger bi-parting sliding door in the alfresco, and the cost of having a zone put in for the ducted heating, putting a door in the hallway to shut off the kitchen/family from the lounge room, turning the coat cupboard into a half & half shelves & hanging and having 2 doors to open instead of one. 

I wonder why I ever uttered those immortal words "I was thinking" and started all this.
What you see when you see a display home is not what you get, anything nice is always EXTRA, you never see basic inclusions, they always upgrade the display house to the hilt.

So I now wait for Premier to get back to me with all those other EXTRAS, and the sound keeps going ka-ching ka-ching.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Its just bricks, tiles and mortar - how easy is that?

Today David and I had a great day, on his rostered day off spending a day with the one he adores, what did we do?   Well, his car was in for a service so we beetled off in my little Excel over to Reece at Burwood, Challenge Roofing at Officer, A & L Windows in Hallam,  and a visit to both Jamieson display homes today armed with trusty tape measure to check on things once again!!! 

The outcome is "ta da" we have finally decided on the bricks, tiles, and window colours:

Bricks are Austral Canterbury, with off-white mortar.

These roofing tiles are Monier Elabana Sambuca .

   And last but not least
  White Birch Windows.

On our way back home we called into The Avenue at Casey, to discuss the positioning of our driveway crossover which we want to be on the right so that our alfresco area will take full advantage of the northern sun.   We are happy to report that we have in our hot little hand the engineers report for our stage which luckily has our driveway crossover on the right hand side.   I asked whether our land is still due to title in December and was advised that is still the case!!!   Much progress was made today.