Sunday, December 25, 2011

We are in and Merry Christmas

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog, but we have been a little busy over the last week or so.

We officially moved on Tuesday 20th December, and from the day of handover it has been go go go to say the least.

A big thanks to Stu and Andy from 2 Men and a Truck (thanks Reinsey for the reference), who were absolutely fantastic in getting us from Charles Green to Charlbury with everything intact.   Seeing I have Kiwi relatives, it was no surprise to see these two kiwis working like trojeans!!

Finally, the front of the house
Ever since Tuesday we have been unpacking and trying to get things organised.   The curtains/blinds finished up with the last room being installed on Xmas eve (thanks Trevor from Sharon's Curtains), we have had outside blinds installed, all fans/lightfittings now complete, carpet, deadlocks, security doors & flyscreens, new TV's for both of us, and desk for David.   Need to go back to Ikea to get another desk for me as mine from the old house just doesnt suit the study.


Loving the house number plate ordered online!

Not many pictures yet, will update as I get organised more.

Master Bedroom

Today was Christmas Day, and we managed to have a lovely lunch with Ryan & Kris who very kindly helped with some of the food as well.

I would like to wish all my bloggy mates a very happy Festive Season and look forward to seeing all of you a lot more often now that our Avenue family is complete.

Its been a long road from Charles Green to Charlbury, but what pearls of wisdom and lovely friends I have gained along the way.   Looking forward to this new chapter of our life surrounded by great neighbours.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Handover Day

Today was the long awaited day of handover.   Are we excited?  Well, I still find this surreal!!!
We were down at the house at around 10.00 this morning to find the dishwasher already installed and the plumbers putting in the hot water service.   The painter was also there and had done all the required touch up work around the house.

I've already put up the Xmas tree!!
Around 11 the electricians arrived and installed the rangehood and oven and then started the mammoth task of installing all our light fittings, fans etc.   They worked like trojeans, but unfortunately it just got too late for them to get it all done, so alas we are still short of an antenna (David will have withdrawal symptoms), heated towel rail, a fan, and other bits and pieces which we are hoping can be finished either tomorrow or on Monday.
Our ducted vacuum is also installed and we have tried that kicker vent in the kitchen, and its brilliant!!!!

My long awaited gas fireplace is missing the fake logs, so that also won't be finished until next week.
We got our keys around 1.00 today plus a bottle of champagne and glasses from the builder, also a survey to fill out and we were told to be honest.  We are yet to fill out the survey, too busy at the moment.

Tonight we have moved a borrowed mattress down there and David is spending every night there until the big move next week.

I must get some sleep now as I need to be down there bright and early to paint two walls in the Vivid White spare room before I go blind!!

The door is always open for friends and neighbours
Will update you all as we progresss.   Lovely to have Tash as our first visitor today,  we look forward to seeing all our new neighbours over the next few days - all welcome!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Near Map Update

Just for the record, here's our estate as at 17 November 2011

10 days till handover!!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Its All Go!!!!!

We had PCI today and met our SS and Kevin from New Home Inspections onsite at the house.
We both went through the whole house marking every bit of repair work and touch up work that needed doing.

To the untrained eye, the house looks absolutely wonderful, and apart from a bit of paint touch-ups, door adjustments, little bit of plastering patch-up we couldn't see too much wrong.

Kevin did find some things that need fixing including the tiles on the bathroom floor that were quite badly scratched, that we wouldn't have noticed as the floor was still a little dirty.   It was decided that they will re-tile the whole floor as it wasnt worth just replacing odd tiles, so in that one instance we have saved the cost of the inspection, as it would have cost us a lot more to do it ourselves if we had noticed all the scratches after handover!!

There was also scratches on the middle pane of glass on the front window which again we would not have noticed, so that will also be replaced.

Handover is going to be on Friday 16th December with us moving in on Tuesday 20th December, yes, just before Xmas, but that's ok.   It will be such a relief to finally be at our new home.

Now we can finish up all the packing at our current house and can relax until the 16th!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

We Got In!!!

Yes, thats right folks, we got into our lovely house.   A chance trip down to do some measuring from outside, and David wanted to show me how the garage light goes on when you open the back garage door, and I did my usual check of the door into the pantry, and it was unlocked!!! (Yay!).  Although, with the goings on of the last week or so with vandalism and burglaries around us, we were a little annoyed as anyone could have also done the same to us with leaving doors unlocked.  

Anyway, moving on, WE GOT IN!!!  It looks like just about everything is almost done, can confirm the shower screens, mirrors, taps all installed, and our beautiful timber floors are just that beautiful!!!  So glad we decided to lash out on them, they really look magnificent!! 

Ensuite Shower
The house looks filthy though, its obvious that the builders clean hasn't happened yet, or the site cleanup either, there's no gas meter yet either.   The slab trimming still hasn't happened - or that toilet window lock (how long has that been now?).   I really felt like doing a Reinsey and getting down and dirty and cleaning my beautiful house, but we werent supposed to be there anyway, so that may give it away!!

Ensuite Shower Tiles

Megan's Shower

Only 6 days to go till PCI!!!
Megan's Bathroom Vanity
Oh, and the builder's loo has now gone - surely that is a good sign!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are we there yet? And scumbags in the neighbourhood

Quick trip down to the house today, and was met by our neighbour on the right hand side who promptly informed me that he had been vandalised.   Invited me in to survey the damage.   They had smashed one of his rear windows for access and had burned a hole in his kitchen bench as well as traipsed mud through the whole house and had also scratched a lot of the windows in the rear and had burned holes in the carpet, the matches were still there.

Apparently our other neighbours have also recently been burgled, no details of that yet, but the police are handling both cases.   Our vandalised neighbour has been told it would have definitely been kids as there were some footprints clear on the carpet, and the shoe size is small.    Also, a professional wouldnt break into a house where no one is living there, and no furniture, so nothing to actually steal, just want to be a nuisance.

He is getting an alarm system installed next week.   We did the same thing after we were burgled in our current house 10 years ago!!!   Luckily we are getting barrier doors, window locks and moving our alarm system to the new house with us, but all those things are only deterrents, if they want to get in, they will.

Its a worry to think that the vandalists probably live nearby, lets hope not in our estate.

Anyway, on a brighter note, I can see through the window that our mirrors have been installed and all our taps are now installed.   Also looks like the first coat of varnish has been applied to the floor, which looks fantastic!!!

There's not a lot more to do from what we can see.   We bought more tiles for the tiler to do the pantry for us, and I dropped them into him last night as he only lives about 10 minutes drive from here.   He will let me know when he has done it, so thats great.

Roll on PCI on the 1st December - that's next week!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

More ticks on the boxes

Another busy day today (when have I last had a not busy day off?), off to watch my tennis team kick-arse in the first round of finals which puts them straight into the grand final on 1st December (yes, that's PCI day).   A quick lunch at home, and whilst there more telephone calls to arrange delivery of Megan's brand new bedroom suite to the new house, book Kevin from New Home Inspections for PCI, book our 17 year old pussy cat into The Cat Shack for a few days whilst we move which hopefully will reduce the stress of moving for her as she has only ever lived in our current house, then a flying trip down to the house.

I wanted to check on whether they had put a power point next to the stove when it goes in, as that's where my kettle will sit, just couldnt remember, with so much going on in the mind these days, I think of these things at the strangest times.   I knew I would be able to see it from outside anyway.

Imagine my surprise to see a van parked in the driveway and the front door open, so I bolted inside to meet the tiler.   Nearly gave the poor guy a heart attack, mind you, but he was ever so nice.  Apparently he had to replace one of the tiles in the main bathroom shower.    While I was there I asked him if he would be interested in tiling the wall in the pantry between the bench and the overhead cupboards after handover, no problems he said, in fact if I get some more tiles he will be able to do it before handover, once he gets the all clear from our SS.   I stressed that this is a job between him and me, and he understood totally, but needs to run it by Glen first, which he is pretty sure won't be a problem as he's done it before.   So we need to go to National Tiles on Saturday and buy 30 more tiles and the job will be done (yay!!).
Timing's everything!!

Well, things are looking pretty good now, with only a handful of jobs left to do from what I can see.   The heating/cooling guys look like they are finished, with ducts and outlets for both in the ceilings and the controller on the wall.

We also now have a cooling unit on the roof, and the painters look like they have finally finished the outside gables and trims.

So that only leaves shower screens, mirrors, caulking, cleaning and the floors, plus other minor things.   Roll on PCI!

I then popped over to see how Reinsey was going, and had a quick cuppa with her.   She looked a lot better than a week ago, so is definitely on the improve.   Will check in regularly on you neighbour!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We have a date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that's right folks, we have a date for PCI - 1st December 2011.

We had a meeting with Glen our SS this morning, and we arrived at the house to find that the Garage Doors have been installed - yay!!

Rear garage roller door in Classic Cream

That's the garage light sensor in the corner (so we don't end up in the dark when the door is closed at night!)

This is the front one!!!

We also discovered that the electrical fit-off seems to now be completed apart from the lights/fans etc. that we want done which will be done on hand-over day.

This is the Gangbuster - we could launch a rocket with all these plugs!!

Tastics installed in both bathrooms
But wait, there's more, our heating/cooling was being installed while we were there as well!!

Return air vent

Lots of holes in the ceiling!!

So there's lots happening, which leaves, shower screens, mirrors, caulking, still need to replace that window lock in loo (how long has that been?), install fan in laundry (hmm, he had forgotten about that), complete the outstanding items from 1st inspection (he now knows what I want done, after a perimeter walk around the outside!), painting to gables needs to be finished (not a huge job), the house needs thoroughly cleaning inside, need to fix minor damage to kitchen end bench, and of course the last thing is to sand and stain and polish the timber floors.

With PCI on 1st December, we are planning on handover on Friday 16th December, and will have the big move on Tuesday 20th December.

Stopped for coffee at the big BP on the freeway, and while there organised the carpet & curtain installation for the 19th, flywire screen & security doors for the same day, all while David altered that timeline spreadsheet he's been keeping up to date with.   I also organised Foxtel installation - yes, I know I said we were getting rid of it, but its amazing the deals they will do when you threaten to cut them off!!!  We're getting a free move and a free upgrade to the HD IQ box with free HD for the first month, but I have cut down the package to only the basic plus sport.   At least Megan & I will be able to watch American Idol on Fox 8 again (yay!), although we know some other neighbours who watch it as well, so we may have to rotate houses - what fun that will be!!!  

Whilst on our way from the house to Pakenham where we had to visit the plumber, David missed the turn to Cardinia Road, so we had to continue down the highway instead, and look what we found:

This letterbox is bloody brilliant!! And the best part is, you actually buy it in a raw white state and paint it any colour you like!!!

For $140, its a lot cheaper than a brick one, looks like a brick one, and if we change our mind later, we can always build a brick one then!!

Go Berwick Potteries!!!

After that we ended up at Fountain Gate to organise insurance and the phone for the house.    Lunch was definitely in order.

We left the house at 8.40 and got home at 3.15 - what a wonderful rostered house day off for David, but we were extremely happy with what we achieved.

Now to organise for Kevin from New Home Inspections to be with us on 1st December, let's hope he doesnt find anything too major.

I see a little light flickering in the distance!!!

Near Map Update

Here's our little estate, as at 18th October 2011.

My, how we've grown!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Plumbing & Electrical Fit offs begin

We found our house a hive of activity today with both the sparkies and plumbers in attendance commencing their fit offs.

We didn't want to stay too long and get in the way so only a few photos today.   The tiling is finished as well, can't wait to see it all cleaned up and sparkling.

Here's a few pics:

Loving my lever tap handles!!!

Megan's shower

We have a loo!!

Ensuite fit off finished!!

The ensuite throne
Tomorrow heating guys will be in, so shall report in then.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Painting nearly there!!

A keyless visit to the house today where more painting has been done.   They are still working on the outside, but are really close now.   A peek through the windows sees that the faulty doors have been replaced and it looks like they have been painted at least one coat.

Exciting news is that this will be a busy week with electrical & plumbing fit offs, and heating/cooling installation.   We have been given an official finish date of 28/11/11!!

Here's some updated pics:

Facade looking good now, need to ditch the loo!

This gable painting nearly finished

Painting detail done on Alfresco

Megan just chillin' out!

We also went and visited Reinsey who is recovering from surgery at home, and so pleased to see she is being very well looked after!!!   Get well soon!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tiling continues

Did a drive-by of the house before I had to sadly return the key, to find that more tiling has been done and the grouting has been done in some of the rooms.   It looks like they have run out of tiles in the main bathroom, hence the reason why it's not finished yet.

Here's some updated pics:

Ensuite shower

Megan's shower

Megan's vanity

Laundry all finished

Apparently electrical fit-off is booked for next Wednesday, and plumbing for next Thursday!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tiling commences

Thank god for the power of neighbourhood watch once again, the ever vigilant Kylie reported that there were very dedicated tradesmen at our house today (Melbourne Cup Day), as David was working, Megan and I were intending to go down for a look to see if anything had happened yesterday anyway, while we still have that elusive key!!

We went down around lunchtime and promptly met our left hand side neighbours Paul & Tania, who very kindly invited us in to meet their 3 kids and have a bit of a chat.  I feel very blessed that we are so lucky to have nice people around us and they are no exception.   As they only moved in yesterday, they were still unpacking boxes and gave me a great pile of butchers paper, so I can continue packing.   Don't you love that 'pay it forward' gesture!!

We didn't stay long as we were keen to get inside our house and see what had been done, well, surprise, surprise, here's the pics: 

Ensuite Vanity

Floor tiles in ensuite

Loving the kitchen tiling!

This is a close up of the feature tile - actually its not the one I chose, but I really love this one instead!

Love the shiny bathroom floor tiles

And the same tiles, but matte in the shower base

Loo floor

Happy with the laundry tiles!

And the same on the floor of the laundry
We will go back tomorrow night after work and see if the bathroom wall tiles are done before we have to give the key back on Thursday.

And, thanks to our generous neighbours, I packed another 6 boxes this afternoon and used the paper to do all my good china and crystal glasses.