Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TaDa – Colour Choices Begins

 Shadow for the Doors

I know, unlike my fellow bloggers who are so organised with their choices, I have been putting off the inevitable and doing the old Scarlett O'Hara as in "I'll think about it tomorrow." 

Well, now we are owners of this block of land and with contracts, permits and approvals looming, decided that I had better get a wriggle on and start doing something.
Travertine Malt for
the benchtop

I know its only the beginning but at least its a start.
One down heaps more to go!!!


Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 - The Year in Review

As this year draws to a close I would like to reflect on what has happened in our lives in 2010.
Firstly, we took the plunge and bought a block of land in a new area where we could only imagine what it looked like in a paddock.   We chose a lovely new house design to go on it.   We endured the very long waiting game for it to become ours.   We ventured into the blogging world and started a blog to chart our build, along the way decided to have a look at this forum thing called The Avenue at Casey.   We have since met many "friends and neighbours" on the forum all with a common interest at heart.   We have met up with some wonderful people who have also taken the same plunge and will be our neighbours when we move.

On a personal note, we had our first family holiday for years with all five of us travelling to Hawaii in May.  We've relived the old days and seen some amazing talent live with visits to Carole King & James Taylor, and only this week to see The Eagles.   Our three football teams that we support did not set the world on fire this year.   Janine's tennis team won the premiership in Section 5 WDTA Midweek Ladies, with the dicky-kneed captain watching from the side-lines.   The furry member of our family has now turned 16 and still pretty fit for a 78 year old human equivelent feline.   I've only read 31 books this year which is a 6 year low for me, but absolutely love my job at the Library.   David & I have continued our involvement with Waverley Tennis in our roles on the committees, and this year I was made a Life Member of Endeavour Hills Tennis Club.  David and I celebrated 34 years of wedded bliss, and we just get better with age.  We have enjoyed catching up with lots of our friends during the year, and look forward to seeing more of them when we finally move next year.

We just want to say Thank You to everyone who has enriched our lives with their friendship and want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and lets hope that bloody house starts soon in 2011 - or else my next reflection may be that of a mad-woman!!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Growing and Growing....

Here's another nearmap photo update as at 20th November 2011

At Last.....

After 300 long days of patient waiting, our land has finally settled this morning.   For a short time we are multiple property owners!!   Now to get this builder moving!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Builder update

David called James from Premier Homes today to find out the status of our house plans. Apparently the soil test results are due Tuesday. The have had a lot of tests to do with so many blocks either just settled or due to settle like us. Once they have the results they will work out our site costs then we will be able to sign our contract before Xmas,apply for developer approval (let's hope they are not all on holidays), with a January site start we hope!

Settlement on land is Friday, so I have to organize 5 bank cheques and visit the bank to do the loan stuff so this week is a productive one.

Made the Xmas pudding yesterday fruit is soaking for the cakes which will bake next weekend,then shortbread will be made next week. I am on holidays from the 23rd for 2 weeks so it will be work around this house to get it in shape ready to go on the market next year.

Must get back out and continue with colour choices. The range of laminates is just too massive to choose from.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Do you measure up?

David had another RHDO (rostered house day off) today, and we had the task of going down to our lovely block of land and measuring it to make sure it is what it says on the plan, so we could sign off on it before settlement next week.     Armed with only a 10 metre tape measure we had fun measuring and marking and came to the conclusion that it was pretty close to exact.   Interesting to note that William Thwaites Blvd was open all the way through now, so we can access our road a bit quicker, which will be good.

We also called in on Kylie up the road, who is overloaded with boxes at the present  and had the man installing her Foxtel while we were there.  Nice to see she is finally in her house, and she promises she will find some coffee cups for our next visit!!

On the way home we stopped off at Ultimate Tiles in Narre Warren and started the mammoth task of starting to look at tiles and laminates. So there Reinsey - I have started with my colours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Received another call at 7.00pm tonight from our conveyancer who advised us that our land will settle on Friday 17th December 2010 - Yippee.

Just out of interest and using Reinsey's example did the calculation on how many days between purchase, couldn't believe my eyes when it came out at exactly 300 days as well!

Is this Karma or what?  We were meant to be at The Avenue at Casey.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A great Xmas gift!

At last today we received the official call from our conveyancer that we will be the proud owners of our land for Xmas! We need to get our soils done, sign the contract get developers approval and the building permit and after months of being in denial about colours tiles etc I now have to start seriously thinking about all these things ready for a start asap in the new year!