Monday, June 21, 2010

Alternative facades for house

Both of these facades are good, all depends on cost of course!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Preliminary Paperwork Received & Conveyancer Appointed

Today we travelled down to meet with our Premier Homes rep James and received this giant folder with all the plans, specifications, sample contract etc. for our new house.   We will need to go over all this paperwork VERY carefully over the next month or so to make sure we are happy with everything contained therein.   We have one more go at making any changes for free on the plans, and I will be investigating every fixture and fitting contained therein before we sign off on everything.  Big thanks to Room 4 a cubby for his tip on extending the toilet and relocating the bathroom door - a great idea.   James also had the idea of putting a cavity sliding door at the end of the entry hall so that when I have the gas fireplace (I decided I will get one!) on it will keep the heat in, so we will consider this in the final plan.

We asked him about having the Bungalow look above for the facade of the house, this seems to be quite expensive with different size gables needed for the garage and centre of the house, so we went off and snapped photos of different facades of other houses that we like in case the cost of the bungalow look is out of our price range - so many decisions to make.

We also need to visit the Kitchen guy as I want to change the layout where the oven is to get rid of the little cupboards and drawers they have as I need bench space on both sides of the range.

We have lots of decisions yet to make before we sign the contract, so I can see it will be a very busy month or so.

We went for a drive down to the block today, but it was a very wet soggy mess, with no action yet.   Amazed at the amount of building that it happening though, as its been 3 weeks since we have been there.

We have now signed with Maria at Superior Conveyancing as well, so I will contact her this week to find out if she is any clearer on whether our land is on track for December 2010.

Let the fun begin - I am glad that we have time to do all this work.   In a way it is good that we cannot build straight away so I can get this all done.    However, come December, if there is no action on the title - I may not be so happy.

Hope to be adding to the blog a lot more frequently, as more decisions are made.