Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello Cabinets!!

It has been a week since we had our little inspection of the floorboards that have been installed in the house, and once again we have been locked out!!!

Imagine my frustration when on visiting last Sunday I can see that our kitchen and bathroom cabinets have been installed and I CAN'T GET IN to see them.

Anyway today Megs and I braved the weather and we ventured on down to the house and pulled up outside at exactly the same time as our SS who was delivering some supplies to our fix chippies who were working away inside.

Hello!!!!   This means, please sir, can I come in????    Yes you can, so we bolted inside and finally got to check things out.   Yes indeed my kitchen and enormous pantry cupboards have been installed,  and they look magnificent, couldn't wait to have a play with my soft-close drawers, uh-oh, no, they are not soft-close drawers.    A call to the cabinet maker to let them know is in order.

Here's some pics:-

See the skirting boards ready to go!

A Glimpse of my great pantry
Here's some pictures of the bathroom, ensuite and laundry cabinets:

Ensuite Vanity

Megan's Bathroom vanily

This will need to be replaced!!

Very happy with the choice of laminate

Laundry cupboards with lovely pull-out drawers
But wait, there's more:

My fireplace has arrived - YAY!!!

The chippie said he will be finished by the end of next week, then the painters come in.    Its looking so much more interesting now!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm Floored!!!

Took a trip down to the Avenue today to try and get in while the builders were hopefully still there.  Imagine my disappointment when rounding the corner to see that no one was working at the house, what a wasted trip :(

Got out and did the mandatory "try" of the doors to discover that one was indeed unlocked!!!!   YAY, its the first time we've been in for over 2 weeks and the first time David has seen it plastered.

We were so pleased to discover that our beautiful fire-streak wood floorboards have all be installed, and don't they look a million dollars!!!  Thankfully they didn't cost that much, but just look wonderful and the smell of "real" wood is indeed intoxicating!!!

Here's some pictures!!

Looking at kitchen/meals/pantry

From the front door through to the family room

Dining room

Looking out to Alfresco

And of course my enormous pantry

You gotta love real timber!!
It was great to show Deb around as well as she just happened to drive by and saw us there, and she was equally impressed, thanks Deb!!.

I suppose now the next step will be skirting/architraves and hopefully some kitchen , bathroom & laundry cabinets.    Now that's something to get excited about!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Near Map update time

Here's the latest shot of our little community as at 20/8/2011. My how we have grown.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

We've been plastered

Took a trip down yesterday after Megan's haircut to the house to find the plasterer working away inside!!!

He was finishing off the plaster and said that he had been there for two days.   He said the cornice guy will be there on Monday and then he will return on Wednesday to sand everything. 

Had a quick look through and it is amazing how large the rooms look once they have plaster in them, especially my amazing walk-in pantry!!!  Didn't take any pics yesterday as we were coming back today with David in tow to show him how great it all looks, only to find.............


Boo Hiss!!!   Its the first time we have been in this situation, not nice, but I suppose we are lucky to have gone this long without it happening, so the pics below were taken through the windows.

Looking through dining window to kitchen & study

Megans room

Reverse looking through study window out to kitchen/dining

Master bedroom looking through to ensuite/WIR

Lounge room and entry hall

Will have to get down there during the week for a closer look!