Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Jamieson

Well, here it is, this is the front of our yet to be built new home.   We really love this home and it will be exciting to follow its progress once it starts.   This is the floorplan, which we have amended slightly to have the entry from the garage directly into the walk in pantry.   We are also converting B2 into the study by adding a set of cavity sliders so that I can yell directly at David, as that is where he virtually lives!!!
We are still undecided as to take 1 or 2 metres off the size of the Master Bedroom as it is huge!!   Premier are building another one of these up at Pakenham in a new display which will have the room at 4 metres rather than 6, so we will make up our mind once we see it.

UPDATE: Today we visited the new Jamieson that Premier have built at Pakenham. We have decided to take the 2 metres out of the master bedroom as it is plenty big enough. We really like the facade of this house and will find out how much it will cost to get this look. 29/5/2010