Thursday, April 26, 2012

Front garden progress

We have now moved out to begin the front garden, so far we have purchased the pavers that will be our garden bed borders and Raymond & Aaron have been busy digging the trenches ready for footings.

Misty checking things out


In the meantime our back lawn has grown heaps and had its first haircut last Sunday.

You could literally watch the grass grow!!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Its so easy seeing green

The day that I have waited for for 3 months arrived yesterday.   I never thought I could get so excited about seeing a lawn, but after so long staring out the windows at dirt, I am one happy lady.

Here's the progress pictures:

Village Green turf delivered

Even Raymond is doing a happy dance for us

Installation in progresss

The finished result complete with sprinklers

The weather was just perfect today for laying the turf, now to get it established for 6 weeks or so, then mulch, paving and my modular vegetable garden can be installed.

Next weekend we begin on the front - too exciting!!