Thursday, September 30, 2010

When the body doesn’t cooperate with the brain!!


Nothing to report on the house front, but today visited the Orthopedic Surgeon about the troublesome knee which has threatened to put my tennis career on permanent hold.

All good, after having an arthroscope in November to repair the torn meniscus, he sees no reason why I cannot continue to play – which is fab news, as although Sam Stosur needn't get worried yet, I do enjoy my MidWeek Ladies Comp. and the lovely ladies that I play with, and I want to be one of those 70 year olds that we play against that make us run the baseline, while they just stand there and position the ball to within ½ an inch of the base & side lines!! And as those who know us well, tennis is a big part of our lives, so even though David doesn't play anymore, his executive duties keep him very busy, as do my tennis duties as well.  

This is my most recent premiership (that's me 2nd from the right) – hopefully not my last!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Please sir, I can't afford any more!!!

Posting has been a little slack lately, but then again there hasn't been much to post about! Last week we saw the builder and decided on the final list of EXTRAS for the house.   Here they are:

  •   Steel Lintel to both garage doors
  •   Tiled shower bases to both bathrooms
  •   Upgraded oven for kitchen to 900ml freestanding dual fuel
  •   Cabinet made shelving & benches in walk-in pantry
  •   Cabinet made bench in laundry
  •   26 down light package
  •   Beautiful timber floors throughout entry, kitchen, meals & family rooms
  •   Cavity sliding doors to study
  •   Cavity sliding wardrobe doors to study, B2 & B3
  •   Upgrade to kitchen Series 1 Vinyl Wrap
  •   Window locks to all windows
  •   Awning windows throughout (Edwardian feature windows to B1 & Lounge)
  •   Finials on all 3 gables
  •   Upgrade skirting to 85mm replica
  •   Shelves in study wardrobe instead of hanging space
  •   9ft elevated ceilings throughout
  •   Fantastic gas fireplace in loungeroom (for Janine)
  •   Picture rails throughout
  •   Alternate brick banding around centre of house
  •   Bullnose bricks to front sills & verandah
  •   Brick piers & small fence to front verandah
  •   Lengthen size of toilet and relocate bathroom door  (Thanks to room 4 a cubby)
  •   Swap ensuite window with family room window (then I have room for the loo paper)
  •   Install door in hallway between loungeroom and family room  (for David)
  •   Wider bi-parting door for entrance to Alfresco area
  •   Upgraded Corinthian front door
  •   3 Feature Walls
  •   Ducted evaporative cooling
  •   Panel-lift roller door  & remote controls
  •   Dishwasher (finally David will have a rest)
  •   Ducted vaccuum
  •   IXL Tastics to both bathrooms
  •   We will supply our own taps (we know someone who gets a good discount)
  •   Owner supplied deadlocks for doors

Phew, what a list!!!   And when "I was thinking" all those months ago, I thought it was going to be such a simple process.

Our plans are now in the process of being drawn up for the final time, then we need to seek developer approval - and then we wait until title is just about ready for the price of site costs.
Hopefully it won't be too much as the block is pretty much dead flat, but as I have learned, nothing in this building adventure comes cheap, so I have to keep my fingers crossed that its not too much EXTRA.

As an aside – Janine is currently learning Word 2007 properly and having fun exploring all the options that are available, so stay tuned for more amendments to the blog posts!!