Sunday, October 31, 2010

Progress, Progress

Took a trip in this lovely Melbourne weather down to see the block, and surprise, surprise - that huge pile of dirt is no more!!
The gutters and footpaths have been done and the block has been levelled. The houses building at the back of us are really flying along too.
I can now smell a December title date - yahoo!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Nearmap Update as at 3/10/2010

Here's the latest view of the estate - what a difference!!

At Last – Something is happening!!!

Went for a drive today down to the block, as I have just got back from a weekend of talk, red wine, coffee and more talk with my long lost friend Kaye, meanwhile David had escaped to Cobram for the annual pilgrimage of golf with the men.   As David had one more day of leave to go he offered to take me out for lunch to spend quality time together, so we had the chance to take a look see. They are finally busily digging and preparing formwork for the footpaths and have done the gutters on both sides of the road and as well have started putting in the light posts. So after months of nothing finally they are doing our stage.  
The blocks behind us on William Thwaites are also building with slabs down and frames going up. I don't recall these blocks being actually available for sale even though they are Stage 6, as the slabs are identical in size and shape as seen by the latest Near Map picture of the estate as of 3/10/2010, and I suspect that these may be builders house and land packages or will be display homes in the future. Anyway here are the pics.It's nice to drive down William Thwaites now with the grass established under the trees, which are now growing well, and it will look like an avenue when they are established. Makes you all warm and cosy just thinking about it. Anyway, at long last I can start to see light at the end of the tunnel