Sunday, January 30, 2011

Council non-workers

Another follow up meeting with Premier today.A Few little things to be clarified nothing major. We sat down last night and did our developers approval plans and papers and they have been posted off today, so with a bit of luck they may be approved when we return from New Zealand.

So what's the hold-up you ask? Our local council!! Apparently they have not completed the details for the sewerage and drainage for our Section - even the builder can't understand how they can release titles without the land being ready to go. He thinks that because we titled so close to Xmas our council just simply went into holiday mode.  This is an example of our rates at work  (See picture above)

He is chasing them up on a daily basis but until he has this information he cannot do our site costs accurately, hence we can't sign our contracts, and more importantly can't start building!

I can see it being towards the end of February now before we see a slab, so Reinsey and Loz - bring it on!!!!! It will be a race to the finish.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A little touch of Italian luxury

Another day, another room conquerred!   The choices have been made for the main bathroom.   Here's the laminate samples:

Granito Boticollo for the
benchtop. (Left)
Platinum Micro for the doors. (Right)
And I have chosen the most beautiful tiles to go with the cabinetry.   These were set up on display at the tile shop, and I just knew they were the ones because they coordinate so beautifully.   And Deb thinks they are good too, so that just made the decision easy.

This photo shows the 
floor tiles.  The top tile is matt for the tiled shower base, and the bottom tile is exactly the same but high gloss for the floor.
This is the wall tile and I am going to use this feature tile in a strip down the shower wall.

This will be a lovely neutral bathroom as well, and I can dress it up with lovely coloured towels. May even choose ORANGE Reinsey, or will it be PURPLE for Megan.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

After an email 10 days ago, and a telephone call yesterday, James, the elusive Premier Salesman finally contacted me today.    Firstly by email to tell me that he had just got back from holidays today (yes David I can hear you say, I told you so) and would review our status and get back to me by the end of the day.

While Deb (one of our lovely new future neighbours) put her colour coordinating hat on her head and stuck it in the boot of my car inspecting my laminates and tiles, the elusive James called me on my mobile with a few questions and has promised me that he will have the final costings and drawings by the end of the week.  At last we finally may see some action.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tout de en-suite

Another day, another rostered house day off, but a successful one.   After trundling over to Wilsonart to get more samples, they were closed until next Monday!!!  Don't they realise that there are impatient people like us that need to make decisions now?  We are not on holidays, and are getting testy!

Anyway, we went back to Ultimate Tiles to deal with the ensuite samples we already have (see below) and are delighted to report that we have found tiles - all in about 20 minutes of looking.   Stopped looking after that as I was happy with the selection and didn't want to confuse things more.   Here's what we decided on:

Tile on left is wall tile with border tile below.

Tile on right is floor and shower floor tile.

Colours hard to show in photos, but believe me they match perfectly!   One very happy lady here.