Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cupcakes & Morning Shade

Very happy with these - and they taste good too
Big day here at Charlbury Manor, so many people coming and going!!   Firstly its Megan's birthday on Monday so we decided to celebrate it today, as I have to work tomorrow afternoon and we all work on Monday.   So I have made beautiful Vanilla Cupcakes courtesy of the famous Magnolia Bakery recipe book (famous cake shop in New York).   

Our trusty ex-neighbour Keith returned to install the awning for the master bedroom window, two reasons for this, it just adds to the whole character of the house and also will help keep out the heat from the morning sun and will protect the drapes from fading.   I am so 
 rapt with the end result.   I have spent the last two weekends priming and painting it in preparation.

The birthday girl
Raymond and Aaron were also back today installing all the irrigation in preparation for the turf which should be ready to go down in a couple of weeks.

Deb and John breezed in to have a quick look and collect some aggi pipes that we had no use for, and they have use for, so its great to pay it forward.

Best friend Deb came for afternoon tea with Keith's wife Jan and then Ryan and Kris for dinner, so I have felt like I have cooked all day.

Roll on turf day!!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

What a difference a day makes

Melbourne, beautiful weather this weekend, hence Raymond got heaps done in the back yard yesterday.

Here's the end result - I am so excited to at long last see a backyard, not just mud, weeds, & piles of dirt.
View from the back of the yard down the garage side

From the deck looking out

Looking across the backyard to where the vegie boxes will go

That means that we have irrigation to go in and in a couple of weeks (hopefully) we will actually see some turf go down - cannot wait.

In the meantime all the rubbish from the back is going out the front till Raymond is ready to start on the front garden and we get a skip, so we will at the moment have the worst looking front garden in the street :(