Monday, October 31, 2011

Little boxes, big boxes, sticky tape and yet another Excel spreadsheet

That's where we're at at the moment, have started packing up 32 years worth of house into boxes.   The first 13 contained nothing but books and dvd's!!   We have set ourselves a challenge to pack at least 1 box per day until we move, that way we won't be in a mad rush at the end.   Of course Mr Excel has each box labelled, numbered, and the spreadsheet even has them colour coded with what room they will go in as well.   Geez, ever since he did that advanced Excel course, he has gone into overdrive!!!

On the house front, we have been lucky enough to have a key this last weekend and took our friends down there yesterday for a bit of a look.   The tiles have been delivered and the tiler was supposed to start last week but hasn't as yet.  With all the weekend rain, it was a bit of a mud pit down there.    I do know for a fact that the plumbers are booked to do their fit-off on Thursday 10th November, and according to the office, the house is supposed to be finished by 25th November!!!  (That is, if all goes to plan), now with the tiler a bit later, this is where their estimates can be a little sketchy.

Last week, I delivered the taps to the plumber, ordered a couple of lovely leather recliners from Plush furniture for my lounge room, and then spent 2 1/2 hours at Sharon's Curtains deciding on all the colours and styles and fabrics for the curtains & blinds for the entire house.   Felt pretty pleased, but a little drained after that exercise!

We also now have a fence on the right hand side of the property and have had a quote for the left hand side fence.   David has spoken to both neighbours over the phone and they sound quite approachable and nice, which is a relief.

Hopefully this week will see the tiling done, next week plumbing fit off and electrical must be due at the same time as well.   There is a tiny light at the end of the tunnel now, and I can't wait!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Artist in residence

Wow, what a busy day I had today!  Left home at 8.30 and got home at 4, but much was achieved!

Went down to the house to wait for the carpet to be measured, the outside blinds, and for the inside curtains and blinds.   All this while our great painters were continuing on with their work.

Here's some pics:

Here's the start of the feature in the family room Dulux Nomad

And here's the finish!!

Megan's comment on seeing it - Oh Wow Cool!!!

Spiced Nutmeg in the Master

Very happy with the Sandy Day half & Antique White USA

Loving that fireplace even more!!

Just started on the gable painting

Undercoat on the verandah posts

The rest of the day was in the car calling into Bunnings to get some packing tape, butchers paper etc. ready for the boxes which are coming on Saturday morning.   Then a trip to Reece to get the basin spouts which I had completely overlooked for the two bathrooms (had to pay full price for these - son no longer employed by them :(  !!!!  ).

Then while managing to fit in a bit of lunch at Fountain Gate received an  email from Romeo advising that the construction of our house should be completed by early December, providing all goes to plan!!!!  

That is about 6 weeks from now - heck, hence the need to get boxes and start packing this weekend.

Only jobs left to do are a visit to Sharon's Curtains on Tuesday to select fabrics for curtains/romans, and we are out and about on Saturday to Mentone pre-mix to look at exposed aggregate for the driveway etc.

What a productive day, getting excited now  :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Put some light on the subject

The painters have now set up residence at the house, and I have been very busy in the last couple of weeks.
Have been running around organising curtains, have ordered carpet and outside blinds for the back bedrooms and dining window and all these people are coming out to the house on Thursday morning betwen 9 and 10 to measure up.

We are no closer to a finish date yet, but we are guessing around the end of November to be finished, which is - heck, only 6 weeks away, so much to do between now and then.

Anyway one of my fellow bloggers posted about light fittings and that prompted me to think of the same, (by the way they are all ordered as well), so here's what we have chosen:

 To the left is for over the dining room table.

To the right will be in the entry hall, study
and rear hallway.

 This one is for the formal lounge room.

And this one is for our front porch and garage pillars.

These lights we like and will sit in harmony with the style of the house.

We also note that our tiles have been delivered, so will excitedly await the tiler soon.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

SOLD !!!

This is the favourite photo I have on my phone at the moment:-
And what a huge sigh of relief it is!!!  On the market for around 6 weeks, some say - oh that's not long.   But it is when you have to have everything neat and tidy, beds made, no dishes in sink, cat litter tray out of sight, cat food in plastic bag also out of sight, etc. etc.

Its not normal living like that for too long.   And its amazing how we have just slipped back into normality since that sold sign went up, even though we said we would try to keep living sort of tidier from now on.

For those who don't know what our current house is like where we have lived for 32 years, here's some pics.    They were taken by the agent and in some cases the colours are a bit wierd, but they are what they are, enjoy!!

Our Back Yard

Family room

This driveway is one of the reasons we are moving!!

The Master

Lounge/Dining - my loungesuite is not bright red!!
Outdoor entertaining
The Desk on the left is my desk

Now you know why I love my new  kitchen & pantry
Settlement isn't till January, which is a bit longer than we wanted, but it does allow time if that build drags its heels any longer than expected, and we can move in somewhat more leisurely.

Now I can start getting reallly excited about the new house.  :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Heat is On.....

Another visit to the house this morning found our hard working chippie still going with the archs and skirting boards which he reckons will be finished tomorrow.

The picture rails in the rooms are also in the process of being installed and its really looking good.   The cracked bathroom sink has now been replaced as well. fireplace has been installed ready for the gas plumber to do his bit down the track.   I am officially in love and can't wait till next winter when I can be a real little old lady sitting in the "bat cave" with my fireplace, tv, dvd and a nice hot cuppa.

Also chose my carpet today - here's a picture of it!