Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Talk

Today we met the delightful Deb & John more great future neighbours on The Avenue, I had to have a laugh at this, when Deb, Reinsey & myself get together there will be a lot of "Happy Talk" - and David says the guys can leave us to it and pursue other interests!!!

Tarred not feathered

A little bird told me there was movement at the station, so we tootled off down to The Avenue today to find this:
 Ooh we feel so near now - surely soon I will get that magic call from the conveyancer with a settlement date.   Then the fun will really begin!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am having an affair!

Yes, it's true, while I have been incapacitated with the knee I have fallen in love! It's about 9 inches long & 6 inches wide and it's black and keeping me very satisfied!
No, its not what you may think, but it is a toy - it's my new IPad! I have officially out-geeked myself and I am head over heels in love!

From the comfort of my recliner chair I can surf the net, answer my email, order online screen covers for my IPad for $2.78 a pair (what a bargain as that includes postage) on E-bay from China! I can listen to my 15 gig of music or listen to an audiobook, or now I can read an e-book. I can catch up on Facebook - in fact the only thing it won't do is put the kettle on and make a cuppa - thank god David has not become totally redundant! Seriously, he is doing a great job keeping this woman in her chair after recovering from Manflu and stepping into carer mode - ain't love grand!

On a land related matter I heard today that Linda has told our builder he can get onsite to do soil tests in a couple of weeks - one little step forward for us.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No more Dicky Knee

Well, had the arthroscopy today!   I am sure we are all in the wrong business, we should become surgeons and anaethetists.   Saw the surgeon for a total of 5 minutes, and the anaethetist for a total of maybe 8 minutes.  My "quote" for out of pocket expenses is around $2,000, oh and also my specialist has an "assistant" as well, who claims a fifth of the fee as an EXTRA!   I was only under for around 40 minutes, so on an hourly rate that's a nice little money earner.   We should give up building houses and go back to school, then we won't have to worry about those EXTRAS anymore!   Seriously though, I did get actual colour photos of the inside of the kneee and the torn cartillage, which he has fixed, he said he doesn't know why I left it as long to get fixed. He said I am to take things easy for the next few weeks - HA for those who know me well, they will know that won't be easy to do, as I have only 2 speeds - fast and very fast, but I will do my absolute best to be a good girl and rest the knee as much as I can, so David will now have to take over from Manflu sufferer to carer, at least for the next couple of days, and I have at least a week off work, so probably by next Monday, I will be roaming the internet looking for ways to pass the time - maybe more Quizzes Reinsey? 

  In all honesty didn't realise it was that bad, and besides my lovely tennis team finished top of the ladder and the finals start this Thursday, and I didn't want to let the team down mid-season by having it done then.   Fear not, my team, I will be there on Thursday armed with Pillow ready to cheer you, and watch you clean up the opposition which will put us into the Grand Final in 2 weeks, which will by then mean I can be the purveyor of fine champagne to toast our win - and yes we will win, no negative thoughts allowed!!!

Also have finally got my computer back with new hard drive, so have the onerous task of restoring all my files and photos and music back where it belongs.    And I will from now on back up all my email and sort out all those photos properly, and copy them onto disc as well.   Have you all backed up your computers, I ask?

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Avenue is growing....

Here's another update from NearMap (20th October 2010) - you can see the difference!!!  We are all starting to stand out on the map!

Friday, November 5, 2010

R.I.P. Sad news

I am officially in mourning, my dear hard drive in my computer has passed away, am I in tears yes, because, although I did back up the 13gig of music and all the photos, plus my important personal files onto the external hard drive, I have lost all my email addresses and all my email, including all the emails to Premier Homes - arrrggg.   I am getting a new hard drive put in as we speak, and although nothing really major has been lost, its now a pain in the butt to re-download all the shareware I had installed and to get my email addresses back.I would be crying buckets of tears if I hadn't backed up my photos and music.   So to all you people out there who think they are ok - you are NOT - BACK UP YOUR FILES, MUSIC & PHOTOS IMMEDIATELY.
I had no warning, it just went KAPUT!!!