Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rain, rain go away....

After a weeks delay and still no action this week, I rang my friend at Romeo Homes to ask the big question - what in the heck is going on??????   Only to be told that the framer has been held up because of the rain - I have visited our concrete throne twice this week and have spotted builders galore going hell for leather constructing houses, our neighbours across the road had their chippie onsite today starting their frame.   I have been told he will start early next week.   I'll be there on my usual Tuesday check, and if there is still no action, well................

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mr Squiggle has paid a visit!

Checked things out on Sunday and discovered that our frame design has been drawn onto our slab, comforting to notice that everything seems to be in the correct place!   Let's hope for a frame start this week.

We also have a site scrape that has appeared next to us, so it looks like more neighbours are coming.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We are on the map!!!

Finally, we have made it to near map.   Here's the latest screenshot and our scrape is now visible.

Too exciting!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tap tap....

Had a busy day today, first call to the bank to pay for our lovely slabby. Then off to Romeo homes to return a revised site plan and get an update on progress.

Our framers are slightly delayed and now won't commence till next week, which is fine with us. I appreciate the update.

Seeing I had time to kill, thought I would visit the area anyway. What a hive of activity in our street! Checked on Tash's site and the drainage was underway, the same was happening on our new neighbors across the road, that swimming pool has disappeared! Other forum friends were having their slab poured. Visited the lovely Deb and told her how much we miss her wisdom, she says that her phone/Internet is supposed to be connected tomorrow!!!!

Called into the sales office too and found out that much to our relief, the house being built to our right is a single story - yay!!!!!

Then visited no. 1 son who can get great deals on bathroom supplies and ordered all my taps & bathroom accessories for the house - exciting!!!

By this stage it's 1.45 so a little retail therapy was the order of the day - god I love house days off! No cleaning or study done today - shame about that :(

Saturday, May 14, 2011

PLEASE fence me in

Another day, more progress, we now have a builders fence (thanks Kylie) and also have noticed that the block to the right of ours now has taps!!!   That means we are going to have neighbours next door.
Pretty wet down here today

Contacted builder on Friday, frame expected to commence late next week.
Notice new neighbour taps

Checked our fellow bloggers sites too, sorry Tash & Tristan, no more progress except for a pile of crushed rock at your driveway, and to our new bloggers across the road,  you now have a fence as well as a scrape.  Reinsey, your render prep has not slid off your house with all that rain.

It is really wet down there atm but there were builders working galore!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Slab - in the middle of our street

Our slab, in the middle of our street  
our slab, in the middle of our......
Our slab it has appeared
Big,  grey and shiny, and solidly complete
For months we all had  feared
That this moment wouldn't happen
but now we can all cheer 

Sung to the tune of "Our House" by Madness

Yes, at last.....the slab has come along.   Thank you so much to my lovely neighbours - and you know who you are who are vigilantly watching out for us , its so touching to think that we haven't even moved there yet and Neighbourhood Watch is alive and well.

Here's some photos of our slab being poured: 

And if that's not enough, here's some video of the pour:-

Thanks go to my substitute Site Supervisor for the video!!

Today we went down to have a first hand look at the masterpiece, and armed with tape measure and plans have decided, that its spot on!!   Can't wait till the next exciting installment.

Megan in the Garage

Isn't she a beauty!!

Ryan checks things out

Slab is a coming........yeah yeah!

No tennis last Thursday, and Megan not well, so after a visit to the Doctor we headed down to the block as a distraction for her.   What a surprise when we got there!

My reliable building buddy Reinsey was at hand to tell me that we are ready to be slabbed.

What a wealth of information she was, pointed out the structural qualities of our slab and the reinforcing on the corners that had been done which is very good.I was able to accurately identify the showers, toilets, pipes for water outlets - all too exciting.  A relief to know they are in the correct positions.

And we also now have the power and a loo!!!!!    Roll on slab...................

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Plumbing and Pipes

Never thought I would get excited about plumbing - but I am!!!   Swung past the block today, and it was a hive of activity with about 5 men working there, trucks, diggers etc. all doing pipework and drainage for us.
So excited to see more progress, its starting to become a reality.

Also the council workers were planting our tree on the naturestrip,  lets hope it survives the build.

Personally, I would have waited till the house is built!

Here's some pics.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pegs, pegs, pegs are everywhere

Woo Hoo, so excited to see that our little house has now been set out on the block:

Megan checks things out

I wonder what will happen next visit!
From the back