Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm Floored!!!

Took a trip down to the Avenue today to try and get in while the builders were hopefully still there.  Imagine my disappointment when rounding the corner to see that no one was working at the house, what a wasted trip :(

Got out and did the mandatory "try" of the doors to discover that one was indeed unlocked!!!!   YAY, its the first time we've been in for over 2 weeks and the first time David has seen it plastered.

We were so pleased to discover that our beautiful fire-streak wood floorboards have all be installed, and don't they look a million dollars!!!  Thankfully they didn't cost that much, but just look wonderful and the smell of "real" wood is indeed intoxicating!!!

Here's some pictures!!

Looking at kitchen/meals/pantry

From the front door through to the family room

Dining room

Looking out to Alfresco

And of course my enormous pantry

You gotta love real timber!!
It was great to show Deb around as well as she just happened to drive by and saw us there, and she was equally impressed, thanks Deb!!.

I suppose now the next step will be skirting/architraves and hopefully some kitchen , bathroom & laundry cabinets.    Now that's something to get excited about!!!


Linni said...

looks great, I love the fire streak timber look. Looks even better when its all polished etc.

Debra said...

They do look gorgeous in the flesh.....polished will be magnificent!

Pantry to die for; you will get lost from garage to kitchen. I'm anticipating gourmet wonders from that space.

Reinsey said...

That floor looks yum, yummy, yummo :)

Lucky you've had some activity over there or else PB would have copped a call for sure!

Tash said...

Real timber looks amazing, and will look even better once polished, great progress, skirts archs and paint next?? :)

Lou and Neen said...

Yay looks amazing and must have been great that David finally got to see it from the inside.