Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ready Steady Go Veggo!

Finally my veggie garden has arrived and is in place ready for us to fill and plant.   

We now have pavers and pebbles up the dead side of the house and Raymond has paved around the veggie garden for easy access.   Now to buy some fruit trees and get some mushroom compost and pea straw, but that can wait till after this weekend.

Veggie garden with paving all around

Dead side of house now completed

Ready to go!


Debra said...

Came up a treat!

Will know where to come for my 'greens'.

Well Done

Linni said...

looks the pavers. Where did you get the bed from?

Janine K said...

Linni, here's the link to where I purchased it from, it took 3 weeks to come from the time I ordered it:, they are down in bacchus marsh.
How are you going? Unpacked yet?

Linni said...

Thanks Janine, we are slowly getting there. Fell in a heap for a few weeks with everyone ill but are back on track now. Hoping to get organised and post some more photos this week.

Tash said...

WOW Janine its looks great, I have just seen Debs back yard, its been a while since i have been on here, everyone has done such an amazing job, very Jealous!!! ps i really want one of these vegie beds!!