Sunday, June 17, 2012

Front lawn & garden

Thank goodness the weather was kind to us on Saturday, as it was turf laying day!!!

So exciting, the turf arrived at 7.30am and Raymond at 8.00am, so we were off and running.   Raymond commenced the day installing the irrigation and sprinklers for the lawn and garden beds, I started on the planting, and made cappuccinos for the both of us to keep us going.   I did as much planting as I could at the time so once Ray started laying the turf, I offered to help.   So by the time we were finished I was absolutely filthy, not a good look, as our neighbours discovered - Janine with no makeup, hair not done and gardening clothes on that were disgusting, but boy I felt good by the end of the day despite the appearance and my aching knees, legs, back etc. etc., even managed to mow the back lawn as well seeing I was on a roll.

And where was David, you may ask, well he was keeping the country running at work for the weekend, so I sent him progress pictures as we went, he was very pleased when he came home to see the progress we had made.   Here's the pics: 

My little hedge along the front path -

Irrigation drippers for the garden beds.

The finished result, we had some turf left over so have started on the nature-strip, to be completed in a couple of weeks.


Linni said...

looks great Janine, boy you have big nature strips...we would be lucky to be half that size!! The house looks great.

Debra said...

You scrubbed up good today (bar the knee).

Trust you supervised David's planting skills in our late afternoon sunshine.

I'm back on cyberspace?

Janine K said...

Well done Deb, maybe the earthquake fixed things up by rattling the computer!

David did a good job of planting, knee very swollen, may have to finally realize I can't be wonder woman anymore. Hopefully mulch on Saturday. Thanks for today once again !